Your checklist

So you've decided that a Koi pond is for you. Congratulations and welcome to the hobby! 

Planning your Koi pond is exciting and it's a lot of fun. You probably have some vague ideas in your mind as to how you want your Koi pond to look and to fit in with your home and lifestyle. You may even have a definite idea as to what you want which is even better.

We hope that reading through our site has given you at least a cursory idea of what to expect moving forwards. For now the key decisions you need to make are as follows:


Location. Location. Location.



Filtration location.

Water features or additions to the Koi pond itself.


The location and size of your Koi pond determine everything. Once you have these clear in your mind you can start to put numbers to things to give you an idea as where you are going with your Koi pond project. It will also give you a clearer idea as to what kind of budget you can expect to have to work with and you can start to get quotes together.


Things to watch out for on your quote - the warning signs...

Bottom Drains. How many, what size? (50mm drains are a red flag).

Settlement chamber. What size? Depth? Drainage? Flat bottom or sloped? Square, rectangular, oval?

Filtration. Sand filters? Pressurised bio filters? (Both are red flags).

Pumps. What power rating? What brand? What warranty? (Anything using more than 200W needs justification).

Turnover rates. What will the pump actually deliver? Different for winter and summer? (It should be).

Piping. What piping will be used? What specification? (50mm piping is a red flag).

Fittings.  What class is specified? What type of valves? (Single union valves are a red flag).

Sealing of the pond. What options do you have? (you should be given several options).

Electrical. Is a timer suggested? (Timers are a red flag).

Water features. How? what will drive them? From where? How often?

Oxygenation. What is specified? (relying on venturis and water falls is not sufficient. Venturis themselves are a red flag as they generally need 50mm piping and high pressure pumps...).

Handover. Final payments. One week after the addition of fish? Is there filtration training / orientation?

Guarantee. What kind, what type, duration?

References. If there is only one thing you do, go and SEE a reference from a Koi pond that is at least older than a year.