Working with water

Water. An amazingly powerful force of nature. Calm. Destructive. Nuturing. There is nothing quite like water.

Water follows its own rules and time scales. It operates over millennia and in a micro second. Water defines the natural order and it creates pathways of its own bending all to submit to its will. For without water there is no life and it is why we celebrate it with reverence and joy. 


Working with water is not easy. Bending its will to suit our own means treading with caution. Upsetting the natural order is not something water reacts well to - break her laws and it is only a matter of time before water breaks free in defiance of your attempts to contain and manipulate.

It takes years of experience and know how to fully harness the beauty and spirit of water, combining it's unique powers and grace into a harmonious expression of life and art. It is our task to ensure that the fundamental mechanics of water are in place, which means understanding water's rules is inherent in everything that we do.