Is a Koi pond suitable for you?


All too often we find people are led down the garden path when it comes to Koi ponds. The vision they have in their mind of an idyllic blissful pond filled with large fish lazily swimming around is an easy one to grasp and a powerful one at that.

The reality is that this vision takes decades and hard work to achieve. Large Koi are large because of their age - Koi mature fully at between 8 and 15 years of age although some specimens can reach 70cm+ in under three years. You cannot attain 'instant buy it now' success with a Koi pond full of large fish lazily swiming about because such a pond takes time to mature. This quite aside from the fact that just one single large fish of reasonable quality can cost more than the entire Koi pond in the first place!

The reality is that keeping Koi is a commitment. It is a significant commitment in terms of time, money and energy. Koi ponds require regular ongoing maintenance of the filtration systems at least weekly, and, preferably daily. Yes. You did read that correctly.


Koi ponds are not cheap to run. Filtration systems are extensive - to house large Koi means you have to have filtration up to the task of the load that these elephants of the ornamental fish world are capable of putting on them. Filtration must run 24/7 and it must be maintained at a minimum of once a week.

The argument that is immediately made is that "OK, we'll only keep small Koi". This makes about as much sense as saying we'll only keep baby elephants in our back yard. It's nonsensical.

Koi are bred specifically to grow large - it is the number one most prized characteristic of Koi. Koi that stay small are considered failures and are the exception to the rule. Stunting Koi by keeping them in small ponds is animal cruelty plain and simple.