Services we offer you

What we offer is a complete project from concept to completion. In other words we get involved right from helping you to design your pond or feature using 3d modelling software to give you an idea of the basic look and feel of the structure.

The modelling process allows you to understand in more detail the actual construction that will be taking place on your project. Good planning is an essential element to any successful project and the 3d model produced helps you fully appreciate what goes where and how.

Once the plans are in place we offer you the physical construction in addition. Our role is to build it once, build it properly to the highest possible standards without cutting corners or taking expensive shortcuts. As is alluded to elsewhere on our site our forte is low power systems and we are first in the country to be able to fully explore the massive benefits such systems offer you in terms of dramatically reduced running costs, ease of maintenance and of course the environmental benefits of using less power. 

Contact us for more information or to give you an indication of approximate pricing for your pond or water feature project. We're only to happy to help you in any way that we can.