Ultra Low Power Ponds

At the risk of sounding arrogant, we are the undisputed developers and pioneers of UItra Low Power (ULP) Ponds and Filtration Systems. We were the first to identify the need based on the electricity tariff increases and of course the environmental impact. We were the first to trial and present solutions using pumps previously never considered in a Koi pond environment. We were the first to design to Ultra Low Power specifications and we are the market leader in such with proven ponds and technology.


But why opt for these systems?

It is because they are cheaper to operate, simpler to maintain and deliver superior results. They are however quite complex to build and to install correctly. There is no room for error here. It is a specialist field.

Do your homework.

A Koi pond has a capital cost and a running cost and you pay for both. The Capital costs is immediate and obvious, but the running costs are not as immediately transparent. The bad news is that


A Koi pond using a swimming pool pump will cost as much to run as it cost to build over just 5 years!


For example, a 20 000 litre Koi pond using a 0.75 kW swimming pool pump will set you back around R900 a month to run the pump at R1.20/kWhr.

Over 4 years that is a staggering R55 599, without any electricity price increases. 

A Koi pond built on ULP principles however could run the same size pond on as little as just 70W of water pumping power.  This will set you back a mere R4 636 over the same time frame.

Here is a Koi pond built by an 'expert'.

It uses a .75 kW swimming pool pump to feed a sand filter, pressurised bio filter and U/V light.It is about 20 000 litres in capacity and let's say it cost just R60 000 to build. 

For argument's sake let's say that the same size pond, built to Ultra Low Power standards will cost a ridiculous R120 000 - double the price (actually ULP normally costs ony around 30% more). 

Over just 5 years here are the costs based just on the pump power consumption alone and nothing else. We have made an assumption of a 5% annual escalation in electricity costs. Incidentally the ULP system will deliver slightly higher nett water flow rates.

                          'Normal' Pond (900W a month)                           Ultra Low Power Pond (70W a month)

Year 1                R10 786                                                                   R839
Year 2                R11 325                                                                   R881
Year 3                R11 892                                                                   R925
Year 4                R12 486                                                                   R971
Year 5                R13 110                                                                   R1 020

Total                   R59 599                                                                   R 4 636


The TOTAL cost to you over just 5 years for the two ponds is the same!

Have we made our point?


It's dramatic isn't it?

This is why we developed our filtration systems and Koi pond design around ULP. The savings on your pocket and to the enviroment are simply enormous.

And with such small power usage it is extremely easy and simple to install reliable battery backup systems that will keep your Koi pond running for days if necessary in the event of a power outage.You can even take your pond completely 'off grid' via a couple of solar panels.

Yes, ULP Koi ponds are more complex to physically construct. But not dramatically so and certainly not much more so than a properly constructed Koi pond in the first place. So it makes all the sense on the world to install and run a Ultra Low Power system given the dramatic cost reduction that they make in your day to day running costs. And it's kinder to the environment too!