Building a Koi pond for the first time


If this is your first time building a Koi pond you need to know a few simple truths. The bad news always comes first.


1. It is not simple.

2. It is not cheap.

3. It cannot be done yourself.

4. There are no shortcuts.

5. We have tested every shortcut.

6. There are no shortcuts!

7. Koi ponds represent a significant commitment from you as a Koi keeper. There is regular maintenance to be done.


Then there are the running costs to consider. However Koi ponds the way we build them can run on as little as 100W, actual, measured power consumption. Because Koi ponds operate 24 hours a day, the running costs over a few short years can quickly exceed the total pond build costs if not catered for carefully. If the design is not done correctly the Koi pond cannot run on low power systems.


There are maintenance costs to consider in terms primarily of time taken. Koi ponds require ongoing and regular maintenance - the quicker and easier this is, the better. The Koi pond filtration system is the business end of your Koi pond and it is here that you will spend time doing the 'hard work' of maintenance. Modern filtration systems can be handled in a few minutes without getting your hands wet. Outdated systems require considerably more time, water and hard work.