Koi Pond Filtration

Your selection of Koi pond filtration is something that generally you will be advised on. Unless you are an experienced Koi pond keeper filtration is a baffling subject, and even for experienced Koi keepers it can remain a closed book.

Filtration is such an important part of the Koi pond success story that it cannot be ignored. It is as we have mentioned previously, the beating heart and lungs of your Koi pond - it is an integral part of the Koi pond balance we are striving to attain.

It is extraordinarily complex and often only superficially understood even by so called professionals. This complexity is the reason why you will attain ten different opinions from ten different people as to how you should approach your filtration.

The one universal truth however is that you will have to live with whatever filtration options you select. In this we can only guide and advise you based on what we have used and experienced over the years.



The single biggest challenge we face is this. You need to know everything there is to know about your filtration system before you start with your Koi pond.

Distilling decades of experience into this is a problem. Experience cannot be taught, it is learned over time. So there is an element of 'trust me I'm a Koi pond expert' syndrome that is prevalent and the trouble is that it is only after the fact that you become aware that the 'Koi pond expert' is in fact anything but and has long gone out of business. You're left holding the proverbial bag.


It is one of our Unique Selling Points in that we can both build and filter Koi ponds to exacting standards. Trust your instincts when it comes to being quoted on your Koi pond - if it makes sense to you and sounds reasonable check it out online and see what others are doing or have done. The best advice is to go and see for yourself on a few reference Koi ponds and their owners - and always go to pond that are at least a few years old...