The Future of your Koi pond

Your Koi pond is going to be around a long time. Koi are long lived animals and 30 year old plus in a Koi pond is not at all uncommon .Koi of 80cm in size are almost normal these days - these are fish that are in excess of 12kg!


As such your Koi pond needs to be able to accommodate these animals when they are full grown and not when they are simply sardine sized tiddlers. Because we consider your Koi pond and it's filtration system as one entity it is still important that you allow for future upgrades or changes that you may wish to make to your Koi pond.

Our systems are inherently future proof. The basic fundamentals are in place to meet the most stringent requirements of any filtration system or device likely to make an appearance in the future. Physics is unlikely to rewrite any of the laws that we as Koi pond builders operate under, but provision for future upgrades and filtration systems that can be changed or modified is almost an accidental consequence of building ponds the Ultra Low Power way.


If some miraculous super invention comes along thay revolutionises the way we keep Koi and changes matters forever you can rest assured that your Ultra Low Power pond will be able to accommodate it. It's a small thing but as pumps change and new technology makes it's way to the fore it's good to know you shouldn't have to rebuild your Koi pond to take advantage of it.

The converse is also true. Koi ponds not designed and built around Ultra Low Power principles cannot be retro fitted with Ultra Low Power systems. We see this all the time - poorly designed Koi ponds fitted with swimming pool pump and sand filters generally simply cannot be saved - almost a complete re-construction is required. Given the savings, it's still probably worth doing, but if you are building a new Koi pond from scratch don't put yourself in that position. Do it once. Do it properly.