The workload of maintaining a Koi pond

There is no such thing as a Unicorn in the real world. No unicorn has ever been found, or photographed because it doesn't exist!

Neither does a maintenance free Koi pond.

All Koi ponds require maintenance. This has to be done regularly, as in at an absolute minimum of weekly, preferably twice weekly.

Actually the truth is that maintenance is carried out on your filters, not your Koi pond and as such it is your filters on which you will be working. You will hardly, if ever, touch your Koi pond with the possible exception of emptying your leaf skimmer.

So make sure you can access your filters quickly and easily. Make sure that they are simple and easy to understand. Make sure you can replace UV bulbs, change valves, fix or replace anything in the filter as easily as possible. Your Koi pond filtration system is the beating heart of your Koi pond and it works hard. Aside from regular maintenance it will need new parts from time to time - and anything that does wear out or break should be as easy to replace as possible. Something as simple as a valve is a working part that will wear and require replacement.

Imagine trying to replace a valve in this particular installation...



Regular filter maintenance should be a pleasure and not a chore. Our philosophy is that if it is simple and a pleasure the incentive to do the maintenance is much higher than if one were stuck with having to open backwash a filthy clogged sand filter every other day... or to have to try and work in a nightmare of like the one above.

A well designed filtration system will take a few minutes, literally, to have a top to bottom comprehensive mucking out, without getting your fingers wet and without battling with cheap and nasty valves located in inaccessible locations.