The art and beauty of water

Since time began water has fascinated and entranced human beings all over the world. We share our love of water across race, across cultures and accross continents. Water throughout humanity has always been celebrated and rightfully so. Water is a miraculous substance with infinite mystery, power and grace.

This is our small tribute to our love of water. No one can truly claim to have mastered water in it's many complexities but some have learned a little of it's beauty and nature. Our aim is to bring our love of water expressed in Koi ponds and water features to you.

There are many experts in construction. There are many experts in filtration. But there are vanishingly few who can combine both expertly. There is only one that can integrate Construction, Filtration and Ultra Low Power systems into one successful cohesive whole.

From a complete 3D design service to silent ultra low power systems costing a tenth to run of equivalent systems (we can get down to under 100W/10kl of pond) to the supply of hand picked Japanese gems of beauty we're your lifelong partner in the fabulous world of the Koi hobby.

Welcome to the world of XPert Koi Ponds and Water Features. Watersmiths of distinction.



Article as published in Country Life September 2013